Why do you teach yoga + meditation in jails/prisons? We teach to those in the greatest need because we have all experienced what yoga and mediation have done for us personally. We believe that yoga and mediation can help people go on to the full expression of their lives and that all of society will benefit.

If I became a teacher, what would it involve? Though we ask people to enter Prison Yoga + Meditation with a certain level of commitment, and we are in a serious business, our goal is to keep our volunteering fun and rewarding, and not burn people out. We’d like people to be committed to teaching at least 10 to 12 times a year.

What would be the first steps to entering your program? Please CONTACT US and someone will be back in touch to walk you through the process for each facility.

Do I have to be a certified yoga instructor to teach with your organization? You do not have to be certified, though you must have an established dedicated practice to yoga and meditation. The most important qualification we look for in a person is the ability to share with love, compassion and respect for other human beings.

Do you offer training? We do not offer training in yoga and meditation. Our training pertains to our programs and how to function inside a prison/jail.

Do you charge for training? We offer training at no charge to all of our instructors.  

How do I register for Prison Yoga + Meditation training? To attend our training, you must submit an application to one or more of the facilities we teach.  

Do you offer internships? We are not able to take anyone into any of the facilities unless they are formally cleared by the criminal justice system. 

Can I get paid to teach in prison? Though our instructors have always been volunteers, our goal in fundraising is to someday be able to pay people for teaching. Please keep checking back for updates.  

I have a DUI and/or felony conviction. Can I become an instructor with Prison Yoga + Meditation? A current conviction (within 5 years) would disqualify you from prison clearance.

How long does it take from the time I submit my application to being able to actually teach?  From one month to several months depending on the facility.

Can I just teach meditation?  You can pair up with a yoga instructor who can teach yoga and you can follow it with a meditation practice.

I’m not a yoga teacher, but I would like to help. What can I do? We are actively fundraising. We also need photography, videography, social media and computer work.

Does Prison Yoga + Meditation plan to expand to other cities besides LA? We are open to exploring all venues wherever there is need.

Thank you for your interest and support for Prison Yoga + Meditation!